ritik batra

self portrait

developer. designer. dancer. dreamer.

Hi there! My name is Ritik and I'm from the Bay Area in California. I am currently an undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences with minors in Data Science and Political Economy. I am also working towards the Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation and Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology.

My biggest drive is impact – I love being part of communities and teams that are passionate about igniting change. The world we live in has a whole array of problems and I can't help but start chipping away at them one-by-one. I have worked at Goldman Sachs and Rally Health in past summers and am currently working under Professor Alice Agogino's guidance in Squishy Robotics. Apart from my technical work, in quarantine I've been refining and honing my passions for graphic art, animation, dancing, and baking.

If you like what you see, please feel free to reach out to me for Summer 2021 opportunities!

resume learning resources

uc berkeley courses

b.s. electrical engineering and computer sciences 2022

computer science

cs162: operating systems and system programming

cs170: efficient algorithms and intractable problems

cs186: introduction to database systems

cs188: introduction to artificial intelligence

cs189/289: introduction to machine learning

cs198: ios swift development

cs61a: the structure and interpretation of computer programs

cs61b: data structures

cs70: discrete mathematics and probability theory

data science

africam134: information technology and society

datasci100/200: principles and techniques of data science

ieor135/290: applied data science with venture applications

statc8: foundations of data science


cs160/260: user interface design and development

cs198-003: ucbugg 3d modeling and animation

desinv10: discovering design

desinv21: visual communication & sketching

desinv22: prototyping and fabrication


ee16a/b: designing information devices and systems

econ100a: economic analysis – micro

soc121: innovation and entrepreneurship

polecon100: classical theories of political economy