ritik batra


developer. designer. dancer. dreamer.

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my website :) I currently work at Stripe as a software engineer and am a research intern at Cornell Tech with Professor Thijs Roumen. I recently graduated from UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences with minors in Data Science and Political Economy.

I am most interested in personal fabrication devices that democratize access to technology and shift the control of production from technical experts to communities. I am particularly interested in design tool accessibility to assist intermediate users in fabricating their own objects to fit their bodies, identities, and needs. With Thijs, I am researching ways of making software tools more closely reflect designer practices to make personalization from templates more intuitive. Earlier in 2022, I presented a paper in this direction to TEI '22 proposing a home appliance called Redycler that makes personal style sustainable and curated daily.

My work experience includes interning at Asana, Goldman Sachs, and Rally Health. I performed optimization research on wildfire detection and controls research in emergency response devices with Professor Alice Agogino. Under Eric Paulos's guidance, I was introduced to personal fabrication research and proposed Redycler as a way to change our clothing designs everyday. Apart from my technical work, I love spending time doing graphic art, (2D/3D) animation, dancing, and baking.

If you are interested in working together or want to chat, please feel free to reach out to me at ritikbatra[at]berkeley[dot]edu!

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software engineer
aug 2022 – present
Matter of Tech Lab

matter of tech lab

research intern with dr. thijs roumen
aug 2022 – present
Squishy Robotics

squishy robotics

iiot ml & hci researcher with dr. alice agogino
sep 2020 – jun 2022
Satchel Finance

satchel finance

co-founder/head of product
nov 2021 – may 2022
Hybrid Ecologies Lab

hybrid ecologies lab

human-computer interaction researcher with dr. eric paulos
oct 2021 – may 2022

blossom vr

3d designer/modeler
sep 2021 – dec 2021
Blockchain at Berkeley

blockchain at berkeley

educator/lead designer
sep 2020 – dec 2021


product mobile engineering intern
may 2021 – aug 2021
Venture Strategy Solutions

venture strategy solutions

project manager/external vice president
sep 2018 – dec 2020
Goldman Sachs

goldman sachs

engineering summer analyst
jun 2020 – jul 2020
Rally Health

rally health

ios software intern
may 2019 – aug 2019

uc berkeley coursework

b.s. electrical engineering and computer sciences 2022
minors in political economy and data science

computer science

cs61a: the structure and interpretation of computer programs

cs61b: data structures

cs70: discrete mathematics and probability theory

cs161: computer security

cs162/262a: operating systems and system programming

cs170: efficient algorithms and intractable problems

cs186: introduction to database systems

cs188: introduction to artificial intelligence

cs189/289a: introduction to machine learning

cs198: ios swift development

ee16a/b: designing information devices and systems


cs160/260a: user interface design and development

cs198-003: ucbugg 3d modeling and animation

desinv10: discovering design

desinv21: visual communication & sketching

desinv22: prototyping and fabrication

desinv190/civeng190: electric mobility

nwmedia c166: critical practices: people, places, participation

political economy

africam134: information technology and society

econ100a: microeconomic analysis

polecon100: classical theories of political economy

polecon101: contemporary theories of political economy

soc121: innovation and entrepreneurship

data science

datasci8: foundations of data science

datasci100/200: principles and techniques of data science

ieor135/290: applied data science with venture applications

info159/259: natural language processing